Service Trips

We want YOU to be an active part of our project.

Starting in 2019 we are coordinating Service Trips to Kathmandu, Nepal, so you can get involved, lend a helping hand and see with your own eyes the reality of the situation and the work our Summer of Hope project is doing with Scholar’s Home Academy.

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Unfortunately, destruction has been the norm in Kathmandu since the 2015 earthquake. The Summer of Hope project is determined to help however much it can to change this situation.

We have been partnering with Scholars’ Home Academy in order to help rebuild it and provide a proper football field, where the sports program that took their team to the Donosti Cup in the summer of 2018 can continue for years to come.

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You can become an active part of this initiative by visiting Nepal with us in a Service Trip, through which your help will directly impact this community.

We are offering personal and corporate trips, starting with a $25,000 donation to the project’s fundraising initiative.

During a 10 day long trip you will be able to experience first hand:

  • The daily chaos that ensues Kathmandu
  • The realities of Nepali society
  • The lives of the families that make up Scholars’ Home Academy
  • The passion Scholars Home Academy’s kids have for football
  • Private visit to Mr. Hari’s family home
  • A taste for the education
  • The work that Summer of Hope is doing with Scholars’ Home Academy
  • The beauty of Pokhara, at the feet of Mt. Everest
  • The magic of Bhaktapur, the town of a thousand temples
  • Religious rituals of the dead in the Bagmati River

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Your donation will cover the cost of your travel and accommodations during the trip including:

  • Two way air fare to Kathmandu
  • Accommodations in 3-star hotel
  • All meals
  • All transfers
  • All planned activities

Everything else will be donated to the Summer of Hope project.

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All help is welcomed at this stage, so we want to encourage you make your service trip a joint effort with your friends, your family, your community. We can help you get your closest circle involved so that your trip can be about more than just your direct help while you are in Kathmandu —it can be your family, your company, your club, or your team getting together to support and help, with you as their representative.  

Their help can also come in many forms. They can donate money to your fund raising goal, or clothing, or sporting gear. They can plan to teach a class via video conference, or they can send any information they want you to share with the students while in Nepal.

They can even come with you!

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We need your help to achieve our goals in Nepal, and want you to experience first hand the reasons that have led us to be so committed to this project.

This is your chance to make a life-long impact in a society that has been devastated by the lack of global awareness about their situation.

Come enjoy Nepal while really making a difference in the community.

Contact us at for more information.

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